Bossa Mendoza Trio

Playing an expansive repertoire of jazz, the Bossa Mendoza Trio explore the melodic strains the bossa nova, Brazilian rhythm and the soul of New Orleans. The trio bring music alive with all the energy and style usually reserved for the tropical city of Havana.

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Nichaud Fitzgibbon

Jazz was always the destiny for Nichaud Fitzgibbon. She was born into a  Victorian family famous for vaudeville and jazz for four generations. Her exquisite, sultry vocals traverse the great American songbook to the bossa nova in warm and stylish expression of the greatest music of the twentieth century.

Fem Belling Quintet

An award winning singer and actor, Fem Belling’s African Jazz and theatre roots augment her unique musicality. She is breathtaking on stage; a rising star whose talent had all four judges of The Voice 2015 spellbound. Experience the Fem Belling Quintet break the rules in New York Jazz style.

Ruth Rogers-Wright

Ruth Rogers-Wright smouldering vocals invoke the tunes of Nina Simone and Billie Holiday with soul when she sings their unforgettable music. Her likeness to jazz’s beloved artists moved the critics to acclaim her talent at recent performances at the Edinburgh and Adelaide festivals. She is accompanied on stage by renowned jazz pianist and composer Mark Fitzgibbon as he plays the piano, double-bass and drums with the skill of a 3-piece backing band.

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